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Who Are We

Notary Reviews GBU is a Notary Signing Agent only private membership website, created back in 2011, the first of its kind, where only NSA's are allowed to join. 

What this website provides is a secure place for our members to post as well as have 24/7 access to the website to
conduct research on over 1000 hiring companies, which consist of signing services, title agencies, 
real estate attorneys, settlement companies, and so much more!

Our Members

Members consists of notaries public who come from all walks of life including, CEO's, CFO's, attorneys, doctors, pilots, teachers, professors,
chefs, paralegals, secretaries, construction workers, tradesman, clerks, and entrepreneurs from various working experiences and backgrounds.

If you're an Notary Signing Agent, and tired of receiving the same low ball fees, look over this website,
read everything, and make this investment for your NSA business!

Reviews & Ratings Directory

Our Members have 24/7 access to our exclusive database called the Reviews & Ratings Directory™ (RRD).
The RRD currently contains over 1,000+ companies that hire NSA's for a variety of Notary jobs.

The RDD™ also contains actual written reviews and star ratings from members which benefits ALL MEMBERS
as they make daily decisions as to which companies are good or bad, and which to completely avoid...the ugly!


Read Our Members Testimonials

"Great job, Carrie! You are proving the naysayers wrong (you know who I'm talking about). 

Let's all work to make this site one of the "go to" sites for NSA's to sign up with to keep informed about what's going on in the industry."

Steve Shapiro

"I am so happy to be accepted into this group! I am a newbie NSA waiting for my first assignment. It was a bit overwhelming as I navigated the sea of signing companies out there, until my mentor, Laura, recommended I join Notary Reviews.

The Ratings List is very comprehensive, providing excellent and invaluable information to it's members. Thank you to Carrie and all the contributors for your effort, insight, and dedication it takes to maintain this list."

Joyce Marciel

"Thank you for having a list of companies with ratings from other notaries and notary signing agents. Had I checked here first on some companies, I could have saved myself a lot of irritation and have avoided getting ripped off (not paid for signings completed).  I check here first before registering with a new service, and eliminate those I've had problems with.."

Michael McFarland