Notary Reviews...The Good, Bad & Ugly! 

I was asked this in a recent email...

"I’m looking to become a full time notary. I read your company’s information but in transparency how can you all help me?"

Below is my reply...

Actually, full transparency is provided on the website, there's nothing hidden about what is provided with a membership. All memberships provide the same benefits, we just have different pricing plans to accommodate the NSAs income.

There is also no promise that membership will guarantee work for one can provide this, and if they do, they're flat out lying. What is provided depends on how often our members utilize what is provided and how passionate and determined they are about making money. We do not provide a quick get rich scheme, you will not earn four, five or six figures overnight!  It takes focus, discipline, persistence and good ole' fashion hard work (or as I call it, homework) in obtaining direct work from hiring companies locally and nationwide. It is only with these basic determinants that will either make or break anyone in the NSA business.

Look, if a member can eventually STOP depending on title companies, signing services or platforms that take advantage of NSAs, you know those that offer low ball insulting fees, then we've achieved the ultimate greatest goal and our main purpose. However, we can't achieve this for our members, they have to do this for themselves, put in the time and effort it truly takes to build up their client base.  Eventually, those checks will start rolling in, no later than two weeks after closing... $150, $250, $350 and more, no more waiting 30 to 45 days to get paid. When this happens, members will then have achieved their goal of running a successful NSA business, making the money they set out to make....and weening off those horrible companies out there that keep us in the poor house so to's truly that simple.

Our membership services consist of providing a massive NSA marketing directory of over 990+ companies that hire NSAs for work. Members utilize this marketing list and reach out to as many companies as possible, by contacting and marketing their business and services directly to the companies listed. There are also member Reviews & Ratings listed next to the companies members have worked for. We also provide a safe and secure Member Forum which contains a lot of information for members to read and utilize. 

I'd advise trying the daily or monthly membership plan, if you're not sure about a long term lifetime or yearly commitment, just so you can get familiar with the website and see if this is something you can commit to. 

Hope the above helps.


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