Notary Reviews...The Good, Bad & Ugly! 

Since late Thursday night the somehow went literally was there Wednesday and by late Thursday, it was fricken GONE!  My head and heart went into panic mode and I sort of freaked out, not gonna lie. ​I mean do any of you know how hard it was to essentially re-create an entire website in like 3 days, from memory and at my age, shoot, let's just say ALOT OF LUCK was involved!

I'm by far not a website designer or anything of the sort, I was lucky in that I just so to have been dealing with my current webhost software since 2008.  
I won't get into specifics about how the site crashed. Btw my crashed as well and by what I can call as a true miracle by our Lordt, (yes typo intended, think Madea) all of the contents came back online...but not with the reviews site!  Let's just say I'm seriously considering into having and maintaining my own servers, that way I can make sure this won't happen again. 

But seriously, what I went through these last few days, I don't wish it on anyone. I've not slept for more than 3 hours at a time, or at least until I face planted my desk, fell out of my chair, feet fell asleep, and yeah all those hurt man!  And I can't remember the last decent meal I had, as my food source consisted of coffee, cafe, and oh yeah, more damn coffee! I know I showered yesterday and that's only because I HAD TO!  

The website is now up and running, and although most of the kinks were taken care of, I may have missed something since its only moi doing all of this. Having said this, and as some of y'all already know, I can't double check my work, I'm like totally blind to my own typos...I'd call it old age...but...well yeah it is just that.

Nevertheless, if anyone reading the contents of the website, finds something a miss or typo, a link or something in the Matrix not working as designed, PLEASE shoot me an email at:
, which is also the new email  as well as to get a hold of me. If you're in our Facebook group, please send me a pm as well.

Right now I'm seeing double, and after this post, I just want to rest, put up my swollen feet, and enjoy the rest of my Sunday with my very cute husband.

Thank you to those who have reached out these last few days sending much needed hugs and encouragement, I truly needed it.

Take care everyone, HAPPY SUNDAY!

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