Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Requirements for Membership?
How do I get started?

They are as follows:

★ Applicant must be an actively working Notary Signing Agent

 Applicant must have at least (1) one of the following:

  • A fully published profile (w/picture) on any NSA public membership or directory, social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  • A Notary Business website. Google offers FREE websites for those who open a Google Business Listing which is also free!​

Applicant must be a member of the National Notary Association

Applicant must upload a valid notarial commission certificate, signed bond or notary public card for the state they primarily work in.

Applicant must submit a completed Application for Membership.

Applicant must prove they are the one who submitted a Membership Application, therefore, the applicant must upload:


  • A redacted color copy of applicants current driver's license or state id card, showing only: photo, name, address, issue & expiration dates.
  •  If applicant is 65+ years young, please show your d.o.b so you can qualify for our Senior Membership Plan.


Follow our 4 Step Process below:

First, click the
START HERE  menu button above. Carefully read our Membership Agreement and if you agree, click the I AGREE link. Our Membership Application will pop up next.

Second, completely fill out the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, and upload any documents as required by the plan you are qualified to purchase. If you are having difficult uploading your files, send these via email to:

Third, choose the
MEMBERSHIP PLAN you are qualified for and make a payment.

Final step is
to REQUEST A NEW USER ACCOUNT. This is where you will create your user-id and password so you can log into the website.

★ Once we've completed your application review process, an email will be sent along with the above instructions. 


  • We are backlogged with applications at the moment, so please follow the above steps to get you started with your membership right away.

★★ Applicant can not be an owner, partner, associate, nor employee for any company that hires NSAs for regular real estate work.

This includes anyone that may have a direct or indirect influence on our members ability to obtain work.

As part of the application review process, Notary Reviews conducts a background screening on all potential members.

We use a paid service:  

The information obtained from this company is confidential. We do not share nor disclose its contents to anyone, not even the applicant. 

If you are found in violation of the above, the attempt to join will be duly noted in our Member Forum and in our Facebook group so our members can be aware and stay away from you and your companies' shady activities!


What NSA Training Programs are Accepted?

The following are the accepted and recognized NSA Training Programs we will provide Students  & Graduates discounts on:


"Sign & Thrive Course" with Notary Coach Bill Soroka

"Coach Me Laura"  with Laura Biewer

"Notary 2 Pro Course" created by Carol Ray

 "Signing Agent Marketing" with Jen Neitzel

"Signing Agent Basics" with Kendra Scott

"Notary 2 Notary" with Vanessa Terry

"Loan Signing System" with Mark Wills

Please note Notary Reviews does NOT receive any compensation from any of the above courses.

I forgot my password?

Happens all the time and easy to obtain.

★ Click this link
Forgot My Password or User Id.

★ Fill out the pop up form then submit. And be patient please!

★ When we receive your request on our end, we must first verify your membership.

★ Please keep in mind, this is NOT an automated process, and actual HUMAN has to obtain this information and email it to you. Please be patient it will be sent to you as quickly as we can.

★ If you need this information ASAP, let us know via email, and in the subject line write NEED ASAP. Send email to:


How often should I login?

Members should participate EVERYDAY! 

★ The Member Forum was created for members so they can post their good, bad and ugly stories, ask questions without feeling silly, embarrassed, or ashamed. ALL QUESTIONS ARE WELCOMED!


★ This website doesn't work without member participation. We need ALL members to actively post in the Member Forum and post their Reviews & Ratings on all companies they've worked for. This helps ALL MEMBERS with choosing whether or not to work for those companies or stay far far away.

★ Without members reviews and ratings, this directory would remain stagnant, so please post as often as you can so we can stay ahead of which companies are good, bad or ugly to work for! 




Please help us make this website better for our members like you by submitting your suggestions below.