Meet The Founder...Carrie Rivera

If you're a Notary Signing Agent who is content working for platforms and loves to see how fast you can click on those text or email blasts, while waiting for those low ball signing companies, to allow you to get work, then this website is not for you.  However, if you're a Notary Signing Agent who wants to start thinking outside the platform box, become a member, and you will! 

Now, this website is
not a "get rich scheme", nor are we going to promise you'll make a, unrealistic, six figures a year.
What we can promise is to provide members with a private, safe and secured online NSA Members Only Forum and 24/7 access to our massive Reviews & Ratings Database™.

As a member you'll realize you don't have to succumb to working for those companies who only care about their own bottom line. The reality is, they don't care about you, the most valuable asset these companies have to offer their clients! Those low ball signing companies, especially the ones who own NSA platforms like SnapDocs, Notary Stars, etc., make thousands of dollars off of our 
NSA backs, then insult us by offering peanuts and at the same time, demanding above and beyond. Does this seem just to you? It doesn't for me nor for any of our members either!

When you become a member, you CAN get MORE DIRECT CLIENTS. But this can happen when YOU do the HOMEWORK = picking up the phone, calling, reaching out via email, social media, doing what ever it takes to get in touch with a potential client, to get your name. and your business out ahead of your competition!

Carrie Rivera, Notary Reviews Guru
I love and respect the NSA profession so much that I created this website years ago ago, because a signing service owned website posted my name and fake reviews, and I didn't even work for them!

Our mission... To help NSA's work only for the Good, be forewarned of the Ugly, and to totally stay away from the Bad signing companies!