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Carrie Rivera, Notary Reviews Guru
"I love and respect the NSA profession so much that I just had to share what I created with others so they too can get obtain more direct work."
IF you're a Notary Signing Agent who is perfectly content working for title & signing companies, who have created their own NSA platforms such as SnapDocs, Notary Stars, etc., and pay less than $200 per closing, make you take their training or you'll not receive any work, who then allow their clients post bad reviews, on their platforms which you can't access, where other potential clients to read and who will NOT hire you, like at all, then a Notary Reviews membership is NOT for you.  

IF you're a serious Notary Signing Agent who wants to start thinking outside the NSA baited platforms, become a member and use what this site has to offer. If you do your own marketing correctly, you will become successful!
Notary Reviews is NOT a "get rich scheme" nor do we promise you'll make a $100k a year if you join us. 
What we can promise is to provide our members with a private, safe and secured online NSA Members Only Forum and 24/7 access to our exclusive
Reviews & Ratings Database and membership in our Facebook Group.

As a member you have the ability to seek and obtain DIRECT WORK from companies listed who will pay your fee. Members are surprised just how often this happens, and its like taking the platform blinders off. 

For those new to this unusual vocation, NSAs are not respected as much as we should be, especially since we're the most valuable asset sitting across from signers at the signing table.

To put it plainly, "Ain't no Notary, Ain't no Closing".

As a member, you'll  be able to obtain direct clients, but it takes ALOT OF WORK, nothing worth having is easy or free.

IF you want to make $100k or more, you'll have to reach out to companies directly listed in our RRD via phone, email, social media links, and more. And we provide all this information for each hiring company listed in herein.

Our members must be willing to get out of their comfort zone, and do what it takes to market to any and all potential clients.

IF you can't do this, then this website is NOT for you.