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Our History

Take Action...

November 2010, I created the website, in an effort to quickly respond to a fake reviews which were posted on two, now offline websites, Notary Bad Reviews and Bad Notary. You can probably guess how I came up with the name of this website. These websites were created by a couple of signing service owners who were apparently upset with the negative reviews their companies received on another NSA platform. 

When I first stared investigating, I noticed that there were
only three signing service companies listed as "members" on each of the sites. Then I read the reviews and found my name among the many with fake bad notary reviews. I found this to be shocking because I had not worked for either of those signing services and felt so violated because these companies had the audacity to create these sites thinking there would be no repercussions. The only thing I could think was to create a simple website to refute those fake negative reviews...and thus Notary Reviews™ was born. 

Eventually one of the NSA's listed with a fake bad review contacted an attorney and started gathering names for a potential class action lawsuit, and once word got out, one of the bad sites came down with only one more still up. With the help of ALOT of NSA's who had bombarded the webhost provider with emails demanding that site be immediately removed, it was within a few hours!

The site was eventually closed since we had accomplished what we set out to do. But as with anything good, it never came to a complete end.

Grow It...

If it weren't for the positive feed back, increase in membership as well as the online feedback received, I don't think Notary Reviews™ would've made it. I recruited, really begged, my buddy James Dawson, a retired NSA from California, to help me manage the site and it was off! We received countless emails from NSAs who indicated they loved Notary Reviews©. Not only were members elated to post rebuttals in response to those false reviews, but started to post more Reviews & Ratings about other signing companies they worked for. But what members truly loved about the site, was the fact that only allowed NSAs could join.
We extended our members privacy by creating the very FIRST NSA ONLY website which kept its online Member Forum completely PRIVATE from non-members. Keeping what our members post, totally private, and only available for other members to read, protected them from potential harm and getting blackballed by unscrupulous signing companies and others who hire NSAs for closings only to take advantage of them.

I then used my own personal client list, and created the Reviews & Ratings Directory™ (RRD) so our members can market themselves directly to non-signing service owned platforms such as SnapDocs, Signing Order, ZigSig, etc.  The goal was to create a list to share with our members in order for them to directly contact hiring companies to further enhance their clientele lists. We started with a few and now our RRD™ consists of over 1,000+ companies with more being added weekly.

The original website was kept online until 2014.

Build It...

In 2017, I created the Notary Reviews...The Good, Bad & Ugly! Facebook group to see if the need for what I started years prior, was still there, and luckily, it was. The Facebook group started to build members quickly and we needed a way to keep the those bad signing service owners out so they could not blacklist our members and take away work from them. The Facebook group simple questions didn't guarantee who the member said they were and a result, we had issues with privacy.

A year later in 2018, I recreated the website into what it is today. The reason for it was due to the many ongoing security issues involving Facebook (some are still ongoing) and my goal remained the same as it was in 2010, which is to keep members reputation safe from other bad signing companies who seek to harm NSA's reputation which is everything in this business. Thus the site is consistently being improved upon and we are constantly seeking ways to enhance and providing more services for our wonderful loyal Notary Reviewers.


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