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Originally Created In 2010

To allow NSA's to defend themselves against a couple of websites created and owned by a two unscrupulous signing service owners, who posted fake negative reviews on unsuspecting NSA's who never worked nor had any associations with these companies, including the creator and founder of this website.

Help from Fellow NSA's

​In the end, and with the help of ALOT of NSA's, we were successful in getting that  website taken down in about a week.
Notary Reviews GBU™ is still growing and evolving for the betterment of the NSA profession. Please join and help our profession grow as a community together!

Notary Reviews GBU™ has a great start up history, kind of long, however, if you click the button below, you can read more about our story.

"If you do the homework, you will get work."

Carrie Rivera, Creator / Owner

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Our Simple Beliefs

We believe in helping our members establish local and nationwide connections with a variety of hiring companies.
We believe in providing members with a private online discussion group, where we can discuss the Good, Bad & Ugly!
We are 100% hard core advocates for ALL NSA's and will continue to provide our members with education and information necessary as well as the tools needed to successfully create a business out of this peculiar vocation.


What Our Members Say?

"I am so happy to be accepted into this group! I am a newbie NSA waiting for my first assignment. It was a bit overwhelming as I navigated the sea of signing companies out there, until my mentor, Laura, recommended I join Notary Reviews. 

The Ratings List is very comprehensive, providing excellent and invaluable information to it's members.

Thank you to Carrie and all the contributors for your effort, insight, and dedication it takes to maintain this list."

​​Joyce Marciel, NSA

"Great job, Carrie! You are proving the naysayers wrong

(you know who I'm talking about). 

Let's all work to make this site one of the "go to" sites for NSA's to sign up with

to keep informed about what's going on in the industry."

Steve Shapiro, NSA

"Thank you for having a list of companies with ratings from other notaries and notary signing agents. Had I checked here first on some companies.

I could have saved myself a lot of irritation and have avoided getting ripped off (not paid for signings completed).  

I check here first before registering with a new service, and eliminate those I've had problems with."

Michael McFarland, NSA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie through her participation in TNT calls and her Notary Reviews website. 

I see it providing incredible value as well as protecting new notaries from Signing services or Title Companies who do not treat their NSA's with the respect they deserve or not providing payment when the job has been completed. 

I encourage every notary I coach to sign up for this membership as a reliable source to choose companies to work with. 

It will save NSA's heartache later and they will find her tips helpful as well."

Laura Biewer, Coach me Laura

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