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Are you an actively working Notary Signing Agent seeking more direct work?

Are you tired of title & signing companies deciding your fee and then fine or blackball you for a mistake you didn't make?

Are you tired of receiving text blasts from low ball signing & title companies?

You've landed on the right website.

NOTARY REVIEWS© has been named by members as the...

"#1 Notary Signing Agent Resource on the market today!" 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie through her participation in TNT calls and her Notary Reviews website. 

I see it providing incredible value as well as protecting new notaries from Signing services or Title Companies who do not treat their NSA's with the respect they deserve or not providing payment when the job has been completed. 

I encourage every notary I coach to sign up for this membership as a reliable source to choose companies to work with.

It will save NSA's heartache later and they will find her tips helpful as well."


-Honorable Lifetime Member Laura Biewer, Coach me Laura

Notary Signing Agents

Members of Notary Reviews© consists of people who come from all walks in life. In addition to working as Notary Signing Agents, we have CEO's, CFO's, attorneys, doctors, pilots, teachers, professors, chefs, paralegals, secretaries, construction workers, tradesman, clerks, and entrepreneurs from various working experience and backgrounds.
If you're an Notary Signing Agent, and tired of receiving the same low ball fees everyone else is being offered, and want to break that cycle of borderline employee, look over our website, read everything, and take a chance.

Members who regularly utilize what all that we have to offer,  will increase their clientele base each year, and create viable long lasting working relationships, not only locally in their city but nationwide, and will have a successful NSA business that they deserve! 
"Great job, Carrie! You are proving the naysayers wrong (you know who I'm talking about). 

Let's all work to make this site one of the "go to" sites for NSA's to sign up with to keep informed about what's going on in the industry."

-Steve Shapiro
"Thank you for having a list of companies with ratings from other notaries and notary signing agents. Had I checked here first on some companies, I could have saved myself a lot of irritation and have avoided getting ripped off (not paid for signings completed).  I check here first before registering with a new service, and eliminate those I've had problems with.."

Michael McFarland

Reviews & Ratings Directory™

Our Members have 24/7 access to our exclusive database we call the Reviews & Ratings Directory™ (RRD). It's the very first Notary Signing Agent created database which currently contains over 1,000+ companies that hire NSA's for a variety of jobs.

The RRD™ includes, all of the contact information our members can utilize in order to call, email or directly sign up online with these companies. Having the ability to communicate directly with the listed hiring companies, provides NSAs the ability to contact directly thus creating and establishing a viable long lasting relationship.

The RDD™ also contains actual reviews and ratings from new and past members, which benefits all members as they make decisions on which companies are good and worth working for, which are bad and are cautioned from working, and those companies members should totally avoid...the ugly.
"I am so happy to be accepted into this group! I am a newbie NSA waiting for my first assignment.

It was a bit overwhelming as I navigated the sea of signing companies out there, until my mentor, Laura, recommended I join Notary Reviews.

The Ratings List is very comprehensive, providing excellent and invaluable information to it's members.

Thank you to Carrie and all the contributors for your effort, insight, and dedication it takes to maintain this list.

I look forward to contributing once I start receiving assignments!"

Joyce Marciel

First NSA Only Platform

Not only are we the very FIRST NSA ONLY-OWNED member website, we're the FIRST to provide members with a totally PRIVATE MEMBERS FORUM. Members can feel secure posting here as we utilize the latest encryption technology to safeguard our content. We also do not allow anyone other than NSAs to join.

Members on other similar sites are at risk when posting negative reviews about a signing company, because those sites do not have private forums. What's worse is those sites allow signing company owners to join, which is unfortunate because some of those owners have used NSAs posts (not here but on other similar sites) to blatantly slander and try to financially ruin NSAs who are just posting their their honest opinions about the companies they've worked/closed for.

Those kinds of things simply does not happen on this website. We take great care to protect our members, by conducting thorough background screening of each and every application we receive for membership to ensure Notary Reviews© members are ONLY NSAs.